This is an important update to let you know that as of Wednesday, 1 November 2023, we're changing our InstantEFT payment provider to Ozow. You will be required to update the app.

Ozow is the payment solution of choice for thousands of South African businesses, from Takealot to Vodacom, and adhere to the highest international standards of security.

What that means for you 👇

You'll still be able to make in-app deposits on the Franc App in the same way, but there will be 3 changes to take note of:

  1. You'll need to reconnect your bank account when you make your next manual in-app InstantEFT deposit.
  2. In-app recurring deposits will no longer be available after 15 November 2023. If you had previously set up a recurring deposit, you'll start to get a reminder to deposit instead. Note that any stop orders you set up with your bank will go off as normal.
  3. Ozow is compatible with more banks, so more Franc account holders will be able to make in-app InstantEFTs. The following banks are supported by Ozow:
Banks compatible with Ozow payments

New Feature! Remind Me to Deposit 🔔

You can now set up an email, push notification or in-app message reminder to make your monthly or weekly deposit on the Franc App. You can do so with your next deposit, or via the Profile tab.

👉 Set up your reminder to deposit now!

Note that if you had a recurring deposit set up, this will automatically convert into a Deposit Reminder.