It’s no secret that financial literacy and education is really important to us at Franc. That’s why we’ve developed the Franc Academy, why we write new, relevant content on the Francly Speaking blog and have frank discussions around money management and investing on our YouTube channel and Francly Speaking podcast.

Luckily, we’re not the only ones doing so: South Africa has no shortage of smart and savvy finance influencers and content creators (also known as finfluencers) that are creating financial education content and sharing their personal financial successes and learnings on your social media feeds. So after you have a good laugh at the latest Girl Math meme, you can scroll on for some good advice for how you should really be approaching an end-of-season sale with your budget.

Here are our top 9 South African influencers you should give a follow for regular financial education content:

1. Nicolette Mashile

Follow on: YouTube (@FinancialBunny), Instagram (@nicolettemashile), Twitter/X (@ImcocoMash), TikTok (@nicolettemashile)

Follow for:

  • Principles of money management
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Investing and trading
  • Investing in property
How to Make Extra Money and Supplement your Salary Income | The Financial Bunny

Nicolette Mashile, also known as the Financial Bunny, is a wildly successful entrepreneur, media mogul and financial coach, and has made it her mission to help South Africans become savvier with their money and work their way to financial freedom. And what Nicolette sets her eyes on, she achieves! If you’re new to investing or looking to brush up on your knowledge, her book What’s Your Move? is a great read. She’s also recently launched the financial literacy book for children, Coco The Money Bunny, to help parents teach their children good money lessons from a young age.

Read about Nicolette’s journey writing her first book on the Francly Speaking blog, and our interview with her about getting funding for small businesses.

2. Ess Mukumbo

Follow on: Twitter/X (@EMukumbo), Instagram (@emukumbo), YouTube (@emukumbo)

Follow for:

  • Small and easy ways to save and earn
  • Bank rewards tips
  • Dividends and passive income
  • Investing for your children

We love Ess Mukumbo’s content because it’s no-nonsense and authentic: she shares learnings and advice based on her own experiences, and tells it how it is. As a mom passionate about teaching her children financial literacy at a young age, she shares great tips for financial education and investments for your child’s education and future. What’s more, Ess has a full-time job in finance and has a Masters in Development Finance, so you know that the information she shares is credible.

3. Aron Samuels

Follow on: Instagram (@_thewealthcoach_), email (subscribe to The Wealth Coach newsletter)

Follow for:

  • Downloadable money resources
  • Money management advice at the beginning of your career
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Savings challenges
Aron Samuels as the Wealth Coach on Instagram

Aron Samuels is a financial planner by day and by night – we’re not quite sure when he sleeps or has down time, to be honest. He’s passionate about helping young professionals achieve financial freedom and success, and he does that by freely offering advice via his Instagram handle, email newsletter and downloadable guides and resources, and through his one-on-one wealth coaching services. If you’re a beginner embarking on your financial journey, this is a great place to start for the basics.

4. Nokuhle Kumalo

Follow on: YouTube (@nokuhlekumalo), Instagram (@nokuhle_kumalo), Twitter/X (@nokuhle_kumalo), TikTok (@nokuhle_kumalo)

Follow for:

  • Personal finance tips
  • Life as a CA(SA)
  • Tips for buying a car
  • Making tough financial decisions
5 Tips for Buying a Car | Nokuhle Kumalo CA(SA)

Nokuhle Kumalo has an infectious laugh and warm energy, and this comes across clearly in her content. Whenever you tune in to one of her YouTube videos, you know she’s going to tell you the same advice she’d share with her closest friend, and she’s only going to tell you from her own experience (good or bad). As a certified chartered accountant and Allan Gray Orbis Foundation Fellow, you know she’s got the knowledge and education to back up her advice and experience, too.

5. Ivyn Sambo

Follow on: Spotify (The Student Investor), YouTube (@IvynSambo), Twitter/X (@IvynSambo)

Follow for:

  • Side hustles
  • Investing and trading
  • Money management
The Student Investor Podcast by Ivyn Sambo

Ivyn Sambo believes your personal life and your financial life should live hand-in-hand, and he’s not one for sacrificing the one for the other. That’s why his podcasts, video content and Tweets are so authentic, personal and practical: he shares tips based on what he’s learnt as he navigates this journey through adulthood. His focus is on young millennials and the life stage they’re at, but his content is relevant to anyone looking to improve their financial education.

6. Talya Plaatjies

Follow on: Instagram (@fashionably_financial)

Follow for:

  • Digital nomad inspiration
  • Personal finances for millenials
  • Investing
Talya Plaatjies is Fashionably Financial on Instagram

After a stint advising high-net-worth clients on their investments, Talya broke away from the corporate world to share her expertise with a wider audience. Her personal brand, Fashionably Financial, is all about making financial education fun and trendy, particularly for millennial women. Talya is now a financial content creator, a financial literacy coach, and a digital nomad. You’ll be drawn in by her adventures living and working in Bali, but you’ll stay for her great financial advice!

7. Angelina Senoge

Follow on: Instagram (@themoneyspace101), TikTok (@themoneyspace.101)

Follow for:

  • Investing
  • Building generational wealth
  • Budgeting and financial planning
Angelina Senoge runs The Money Space 101 on Instagram

Doing her Masters in Finance and specialising in investment management, Angelina soon realised that ‘common sense isn’t common to everyone’, so she decided to use her education and go back to basics with her social following. She goes over everything from planning your financial goals to comparing investment platforms. She’s a great public speaker and her frank tutorials are easy to follow and fun to learn from.

8. Nozi van Heerden

Follow on: TikTok (@nozi_vanheerden), Twitter/X (@nozi_vanheerden), Instagram (@nozi_vanheerden), YouTube (@TalkingMoneyWithNozi)

Follow for:

  • Step-by-step guides
  • How to avoid common personal finance mistakes
  • Investing
  • Financial product reviews

Nozi loves explaining complex topics in an easy-to-understand way, and she does it so well. While she’s not trained in finance (her training and career is in chemistry), Nozi has gone on her own financial journey, made a few mistakes early in her career, and is passionate about sharing those learnings and simplifying personal finance for the everyday person. She also offers accessible downloadable e-books on personal finance on her website.

9. Miranda Zulu

Follow on: YouTube (@MirandaZulu), Instagram (@itsmirandazulu), TikTok (@itsmirandazulu)

Follow for:

  • Budgeting
  • Debt management
  • Saving for emergencies
  • Investing and building wealth
Conducting a Lifestyle Finance Audit | Miranda Zulu

Miranda and her content are real and authentic – when you’re watching her videos, you feel like you’re on a video call with one of your friends. She tells it like it is, she asks the hard questions that are on everyone else’s minds, and she shares her own experiences – whether they’re good or bad. Because of that, she’s built an amazing community of people passionate about empowering themselves with financial education and achieving financial freedom.